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Transplant or scalp hair pigmentation?
The one excludes the other not. Experts in the field suggest the hair pigmentation as a valid combination and even complement for transplantation for the increase of the density-effect. In many cases, the hair pigmentation is also recommended as an alternative to transplantation, if the donor area of ​​the patient is not sufficient.

Can I hide a scar completely?
The answer is: yes, you can! The end result, however, is always dependent on the type of scar and the feasibility will be always evaluated in each case from one of our experts.

Is the treatment painful?
In most cases, definitetly painless. It may happen that a more pain-tender patients may feel some tingling sensation, but certainly no pain.

If I do lots of sports, the results is less durable?
The quality of the result is effectively affected by several factors: Age, type of metabolism, the type of work, sport, sun, etc. However, through a half-annual or annual regular maintenance can the result optimally and naturally be guaranteed.

What happens if I do not do regular maintenance?
The best result of treatment is guaranteed 100% for one year. Thereafter shorter, but regular treatments of the respective area is necessary. These are continuous, short and cheap treatments. When nothing is done the resultwill disappear within 36 months.

And what about the white or graying hair?
Even by white or grey hair is this technic possible. Again, the feasibility is judged always by our experts.

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