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How does it works?

How does it works?

Phase I
Free consultation which consist in the assessment by an experienced team about the opportunity and the operational aera. During this first phase is also defined the quotation.

Phase II
The structure is gradual. The missing points are tracked quickly and progressively filled out. After tree treatments the desired effect should be achieved. During this phase there is still the opportunity to influence and to express your wishes.

Phase III
Finishing. The loose surfaces are ultimately analized and retouched with another technic.

The colors used are biological, hypoallergenic and such conceived that they will be absorbed and eliminated by time by your body itself. These pigments are been tested and approved by the Federal Office of Public Health. 

The cost of this Hairpigmentation can vary a lot and depends on two basic factors: skin type and surface to be treated. You should consider an average cost of 700-2500.- CHF. Depending on your needs and desires there are also small areas or single scars to be treated and so the price could be much less.

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